A word about DevOps

DevOps. What is DevOps? Are you following DevOps practice? Answer to this question depends on who is answering.

I asked this around to bunch of guys in a room full of Developers, System Admins, Operations, QA guys and Product Managers.. Some response for the chuckle ~

Developer – Group of people who help me build my infrastructure and help me deploy my code. I am NOT DevOps.

System Admin – What are you talking about.. I am a SYSAdmin, how can I be DevOps?

Operations – No way. I am operations – I monitor “things”!

QA – I am testers. I test “things”, how can I be DevOps?

Product Manager РOf course NOT, I am THE product guy.. how can I be DevOps?

See,¬†everyone is talking about their own function – as a silo. DevOps – as it seems a combination of two words “Developers” and “Operations” where these 2 teams work together for the benefit of “The Company” who is paying them.. Of course, over the years, there are lot of talk about collaboration amongst multiple team; similarly DevOps is all about collaboration. That collaboration is NOT limited to Developers and Operations (DevOps), it can be between Developers and QA (DevQA), Developers and Product Manager (DevProdct), System Administrators and Operation (SYSOPS) and so on…

In a nutshell, DevOps is a practice, is a cultural shift, is a revolution!!

Any thoughts?